“You love Jits, so let’s keep you rolling”

Gav Clarke S&C for BJJ is here to build strength and reduce your chance of injury, whilst keeping you rolling for longer.

Tailor made programs that help people build strength & reduce chance of injury on the mat.

Evidence based training programs that progress your Strength & Conditioning to the next level.

Experienced & highly qualified S&C coach that has over 20 years of Martial Arts Experience

Dedicated coach that has been taught by some of the top S&C Coaches and Martial Artists out there.


“Gav has helped me no end with my mobility for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. No more lower back pain and my hips are better than they have ever been. The Kettlebell basic session we had was also as good. Gav's a good guy with lots of knowledge in the fitness field. look no further than here!” (Richard)


“Incredibly knowledgeable and patient! Felt totally at ease and good to be learning the tools I needed to succeed on my own! Would recommend Highly to anyone at any level, his expertise is second to none!” (Mel)


“Gav is a well trained motivational PT trainer who make you feel very comfortable providing useful tools and programs to help you achieve your personal best. highly recommended.” (Mo)

About Gavin Clarke

My name is Gavin Clarke and I am a Strength & Conditioning Coach with a Kettlebell Specialism. I have various studied martial arts for the past 20 years.

I have spent the last 5 years with Jiu-Jitsu and Strength & Conditioning legend Steve Maxwell. I’m level 2 certified Kettlebell instructor through him and also conducted isometric, mobility training and breathing techniques for BJJ. I’m a certified nutritional coach and certified rehabilitation therapist. Also a trained Olympic Lifting Coach.

I found Jiu Jitsu about six years ago and absolutely blew my mind. I initially started BJJ to improve my ground skills for the self-defence I was teaching. I also was running my own MA club teaching children and their parent's freestyle martial arts. I stopped my journey trying to find the perfect system for self-defence because I felt like I had found it. I also packed up my club, to dedi-cate more of my time to BJJ and never looked back.

Im so happy I have found it and has changed my MA, fitness and life forever. Now I have found it, I want to be conducted BJJ for the rest of my life and keen to keep rolling for as long as I can. I want to help others to keep rolling for a long time too. I will do this by sharing my no nonsense knowledge and skills in the area of Strength, Conditioning and mobility.

What Gav Clarke S&C for BJJ offers:

PDF Training Guides: Building a foundation of strength:

These series of guides are designed to help BJJ enthusiasts to build a foundation of strength, develop mobility and reduce chance of injury. This is first in the series and has been designed as a foundation from which strength can be built. Other specific guides will follow to help you through your BJJ journey.

Online Coaching Programs: Individually designed S&C programs that will support your BJJ, Nutrition Coaching.

These are usually start with an initial assessment and goal planning session that can be conducted via Skype, FaceTime or zoom. I will then design specific training plans to help you achieve your goals. I have conducted online coaching for people in New York & Australia. They all achieve great results.

121 S&C Coaching: individual coaching that takes place at the awesome Factory BJJ facility at Reddish

These are individually designed to build strength & conditioning for BJJ. Individual mobility assessments are conducted initially to effectively design a plan which individually tailored for you. Nutritional coaching is also available for people who want to lose or increase weight. Or just improve individual nutrition.

Workshops & Group Training available: Workshops can be organised to cover specific S&C for BJJ.

These include Kettlebell training for BJJ, Mobility for BJJ and other specific workshops like Olympic Weightlifting.

If you have any questions or would like to book a session or would like to receive online support. Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Please email Gav for more details gavclarkescbjj@gmail.com

or  call if you would prefer 07791 763829