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Kettlebell Complex: 5 OF 4

Introduction : This is a great workout for BJJ Strength & Conditioning because it can be conducted in a very short amount of time. It includes four of the simplest kettlebell exercises and is suitable for beginners to advanced kettlebell users. All you need to do is alter the weight.

Method: This is a simple method, conduct 1 rep of each exercise on each arm, swap arm. Then conduct 2 reps of each exercise and swap arms again. Do the same with 3 reps, then 4, then 5. Then come down to 4 reps, 3,2,1.

Warm up

  • Round back 5/10 each side
  • Haylo 5/10 each side
  • Good morning 5/10 each side
  • Body weight squats
  • Lunges 5 each side

Body of session

  • Single arm swings
  • Cleans
  • Racked Squat
  • Press

What Kettlebell weight to use?

This obviously depends on current Kettlebell technique and also Current Strength & Conditioning level. Below is a guideline of weights than I recommend for current level.

If you are able to conduct the session with ease then the Kettlebell is too light, so therefore increase the weight. If you are really struggling in the lower reps, then KB is too light.


Beginner intermediate advanced beast
10/12kg 12kg/16kg 16kg/20kg 20kg/24kg


What if need help with Techniques

There are instructional Kettlebell videos coming soon that I developed and also available to book session or workshop. Just get in touch.

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